Plant Immune Support | OHN Formula

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This medicinal tonic for plants inhibits pathogens and promotes beneficial microbes.

OHN (Oriental Herbal Nutrient) strengthens plant's immune systems and fights disease, promoting health and nutrient spikes. It's especially useful as a foliar mist in the winter, when it can even promote the feeling of warmth in tropical/warm weather-loving plants.

To Apply: Dilute 1:1000 in water (approximately 1.5" in dropper per 1 liter of water). Apply to foliage & root systems during normal watering. One bottle makes ~250L.

OHN takes over 3 months to craft, and is locally made in small batches by Conscious Acre Farm in Gettysburg. Active Ingredients: Ginger roots, Conscious Acre Farm Garlic, Angelica sinensis roots, Licorice roots, and Cassia Cinnamon bark.