Flower & Delivery FAQ


Q: Where do I pick up my order?

A: Our shop, located at 102 Carlisle St. Gettysburg! 


Our tiny but powerful team will do our utmost to deliver on time and during your requested window of time. Please ensure that someone will be home to receive your very important delivery!

All flower arrangements that are prepared in glassware are packaged in a recycled paper bag with recycled tissue and packing paper. Wrapped bouquets will be wrapped in paper, and the stems will be protected by a compostable bag (which also helps seal in the moisture). 

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver to any address within 10 miles of our shop! 

Q: What is the cost of delivery? 

A: $5.00

Q: When should I order for delivery?

A: Place orders for delivery by 5pm the day before you want the delivery made! But the more advance notice, the better! We can plan your delivery many weeks in advance.

 Flower Care

There are two keys to setting your flowers up for the longest possible vase life: 

1) Hydration: Flowers *love* fresh, clean water. Forget the penny, the lemon + sugar, the flower food - Just change that water daily, and give the stems a good clip every couple days! If your flowers have been deprived for a while, give them room temp water. After that, switch to cool water for all subsequent changes.

2) Temperature: Flowers can be enjoyed anywhere in your home - but they will last the longest if they are stored out of direct sun, and wherever in your home is coolest.


Local Flowers

Q: What makes your flowers different from a farmers market bouquet? 

A: We curate a collection of flowers from multiple (amazing) growers. This allows us to support multiple farmers at once and highlight their best individual crops. It also allows them to focus on the growing while we focus on the designing and retailing of their flowers. 

Q: What do you mean by "local"?

A: Every flower is sourced from within 100 miles of Gettysburg during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. In the winter, we occasionally extend this radius to 200 miles, and are sure to include that change in our advertisements.

Q: Why is buying local important? 

A: 80% of flowers in bought in the United States are imported. That is roughly 64% by dollar volume of billions that goes to imports from The Netherlands, South America, Asia, and Africa. Between packaging, alterations (toxic dyes and bleaching), storage, and transportation, the floral industry has a huge environmental impact. By reducing the number of miles your bouquet travels from 4,000 (minimum) to 100, we are breaking our ties with energy use, plastic sleeves, jet fuel and chemical preservatives. We are replacing it with uniquely close relationships with regional growers, financial support for small businesses that treat their employees honestly and fairly, and zero packaging waste (field to bucket to vase).

Read our commitments here