Our Story & Values

Welcome to your neighborhood flower shop! Locaflora is committed to reviving the love of local, seasonal flowers in Gettysburg PA.

We craft seasonally inspired bouquets and arrangements, highlighting flowers grown right here in our region. In our shop, you'll find a variety of specialty, locally grown flowers in bouquets as well as house plants and botanical gifts .

The Backstory

Locaflora is owned and operated by Rebecca Muller, with help of a (tiny) stellar team! 
Rebecca Muller: Owner & Florist; wearer of many hats. 
"Flowers and I are high school sweethearts (sorry, Ben). As one of my first part time jobs, I helped a small U-Pick farm start their flower patch. It was love at first sight: I was awestruck by the process and the abundant care that transformed small seeds into armfuls of joyful summer flowers. As the flower patch grew, so did my admiration for the skill and innovation of farmers. It occurred to me that most flower shops did not connect me to the person who grew my bouquet. In fact, flowers had become one of those "out of thin air" items that I plucked off shelf at the grocery store. The tradition of highlighting the compelling beauty and transience of flowers was lost, and I missed it.
After making my way through a STEM college, entry level chem lab jobs, and a fellowship in STEAM based public education, I became one of those 'startup energy' people who can't keep their hands off of small business / non-profit ideas. Locaflora was born when I realized that it was possible to have my dream job: a flower nerd who connects who connects with other flower nerds!
Together, we're reviving a rich tradition of highlighting the beauty and bounty of the seasons."

We Choose Local

Did you know that roughly 80% of the flowers sold in the US are imported here? Although we are certain that the global floral industry plays an important role in modern economy, it does so at extreme environmental cost, deep social injustice, *and* the death of many US flower farms since the 1970’s. Out of a love for both people and planet, we’ve chosen to return to the lost tradition of sourcing flowers locally.

Image by Earthmark Photography

By partnering with PA and MD farmers and makers who are within 100 miles of Gettysburg, we are making a stand to take floristry back to its roots.

We choose: 

  • To value the work of flower growers in our region
  • To support local economy
  • To cultivate strong community relationships
  • To set an example of strong inclusivity for our neighbors
  • To fairly compensate our flower (and gift) producers
  • To reduce the number of miles your bouquet travels (and the energy it consumes)
  • To reduce the waste (especially plastic) associated with your flowers
  • To value the process and natural resources necessary to grow flowers
  • To live in each season - appreciating it while it lasts
  • To lead the local floral industry in taking responsibility for global climate change

Need something? Have a comment? We love those! Send your thoughts to info@locafloradesign.com