Air Plant | Tillandsia sp.

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These are miraculously easy to care for.

Air plants are epiphytes, plants that grow on other plants but aren’t parasitic. They just need a place to rest, which could be a tree branch, a roof, a telephone wire, bare rock or your windowsill! If you’ve ever wondered how air plants work we’ll tell you how: the leaves are covered in specialized cells called trichomes, which are capable of rapidly absorbing water that gathers on them. In most varieties, the roots transform into crampons (traction devices) and lose all means of water absorption.

Air plants prefer bright light. Soak them once a week in tepid water for approximately thirty minutes, draining upside down for a short time and return them to their growing area. It’s important to use fresh, non-calcareous water (they're not fans of calcium carbonate) and if you’re really committed to the health of your air plant, rainwater collected from the flow off a mossy roof is ideal, but not totally necessary. They love warm, humid air. Some species also retrieve nutrients from dust and debris in the air.