Calathea ornata "White Star" | Pinstripe Calthea

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"White Star" is a cultivar of the more commonly known Calathea ornate or Pinstripe calathea. The central regions of the leaves are blushed - a muted but vibrant pink - that fades to white at the edges. 

Calatheas prefer medium light to ensure their stripes stay striped; too much direct sun will make their markings fade. The “White Star” variety is a little more particular about its fragile leaves and would like a good misting regularly or to live on a pebble tray. This plant likes to be kept evenly moist, never dry and never too wet. Only replant when the roots and plant have grown quite large. This probably won’t be for a year or more after you bring the plant home. When you do decide it’s time to replant, do so in the spring.