A Gift Guide for Gettysburg Graduates

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This week is graduation week in Gettysburg. Congratulations class of 2021! We think plants and flowers are excellent gifts for outgoing students. A piece of nature, something that grows. What could be a better gift for this season of life? 

So, here are our gifting ideas for grads!

First off, a bouquet! A bouquet of flowers all grown within 100 miles of where your student attended college is a lovely way to tell them congrats. Flowers can bring them some joy, color and maybe good smells at the end of their time at school. They also won’t weigh them down as they move out...a bouquet is temporary but that also means it’s one less thing to pack up. Or perhaps they might like to press a few blooms, to remind them of their time in Gettysburg. 

Each week, we carry a variety of bouquet sizes with gorgeous blooms all from local farms. Learn more about them here


A houseplant—something to tend to, something to watch grow—could be a lovely gift for grads. Something easy to care for, like a pothos or monstera deliciosa, might be great idea. If pets are a concern, we recommend pretty much anything in the calathea fam—they’re bold, beautiful plants that aren’t an issue for furry friends. Stormanthe triostar might also be a good choice and is sure to bring color to their life with its vibrant foliage. 


We carry a few fragrances in the shop, like woodsy ADK from Priya Means Love and a variety of floral, earthy scents from Henny Faire. This might be a lovely time to gift one to your grad, since scents can carry memories. If they start using this scent in their last days at college, returning to the aroma might bring back reminders of this time and place. Or a new fragrance could be something to ground them in this new phase of life. A candle might suit too!

You can see our fragrance choices here, or come into the shop to give ‘em a sniff!



For students staying local, we have gift cards. This way they can purchase something new for wherever they’re living locally or maybe they’d like to pick up some flowers to warm their home. Either way, we’ve got you covered


You can see all of the items in our Gettysburg Graduates Gift Guide here


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