We are back from vacation & ready to finish out the summer with you!

September 21st: Intermediate Flower Crown Workshop at Locaflora, Carlisle St.

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Join us at the shop to create your very own flower crown and improve your floral design skills! Arrive by 7pm and settle in for a relaxing, mid-week mood booster. This class is ideal for participants who have already completed our beginner level flower crown workshop...but if you're new here, you'll still be able to keep up and enjoy the class!

Class will begin with a brief lesson on floral design, focusing on advancing crown-making skills, practicing color theory, and creating dimension in designs. Participants will then choose their own blooms from a curated local flower bar, and work on creating their own, unique crown. Becca will assist them individually as they think through design and practice.

When: Sunday, September 19th, 3-4:30pm

Where: Locaflora, 102 Carlisle St. Gettysburg

What you'll learn: 

  • Basic floral design principles of creating color stories and dimension
  • Additional skills for flower crown making at home
  • How to hydrate flowers for use in wearable designs

What's included:

  • Basic Instruction
  • Ample flowers for crown making
  • Supplies & tools (borrowed)
  • Your finished crown for taking home

Space is limited to 5 participants.

 Flowers pictured are not the ones we will be using for this class! In fact, we will specifically choose flowers that dry well, so you can hang your crown to dry and enjoy it long after the workshop.