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Schlumberge buckleyi | Christmas Cactus

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Christmas cactus presence in holiday decor dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. This plant’s popularity was waning by the early twentieth century, but it came back into vogue in the 1950s perhaps because it adds some fun color and texture to the season.

It’s a rainforest cactus, not a desert cactus, and if cared for well it can stay alive for generations. Imagine: it’s December 2070 and you pass this heirloom Christmas cactus down to your grandchildren. Won’t they be thrilled?!

To make sure it lasts until then, keep this plant by an east or west facing window if possible. It likes bright light but not so much that it gets burnt. Make sure you turn the plant regularly throughout the year to ensure buds set on the entire plant, not just the side facing the light. After they set their buds, try not to move it too much, lest the buds fall off.

As a rainforest cactus, this plant needs more water than a desert cacti. Water it thoroughly, then allow the medium to dry out a bit before watering again. However don’t allow it to dry out completely. Christmas cactus like humidity, so make sure to keep it on a pebble tray. This plant shouldn’t be repotted while it’s blooming, so if a bigger pot is needed do so in the late winter or early spring.