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Rose and Chamomile BB Cream | Organic Skin Perfecting Day Cream

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This velvety BB cream is simply a delight! Made with zinc oxide, organic sesame oil, elderflowers and red raspberry seed oil, it’s ideal for everyday outings or for folks who enjoy spending more time in the sun. Even though it contains non-nano zinc oxide, it’s not too whitening for daily use, no matter your skin type. It contains evening primrose oil and meadowfoam seed oil for fatty acids and photochemicals that your skin will love. There’s also rose and German chamomile in it to calm and tone skin that’s prone to redness and irritation. 

It has a fresh, rosy, almost peony-like scent and creamy texture that doesn’t feel heavy on the face. It comes in a 50 ml blue glass jar. 

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed plant oils infused with organic elderflowers, zinc oxide, local small farm beeswax, silica, vitamin e from non-gmo sources, and organic essential oils and co2 extracts.