Maranta leuconeura | Prayer Plant

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Could these leaves be any more beautiful?!

Where does the name “prayer plant” come from, you ask? Well, this plant got it’s common name from the fact that its leaves lay flat during the day and then fold up like hands in prayer during the night. Cute, right?

Maranta likes bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. The more light the better with this plant but it’s gotta be indirect. When it gets more light it’ll need more water too. During the growing season, never let this plant’s soil dry out but also don’t overwater it. In the winter months, reduce how much you water and always make sure to keep the humidity high, no matter the season. Prayer plants shouldn’t need to be repotted often. If it becomes root bound, plant to repot it in the spring, into a pot about two inches wider than its current container.