Peperomia caperata | Peperomia 'Ripple' | Peperomia Quito

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A petite, pet-friendly plant for mom!

The showy variegated red leaves of this Peperomia really stand out in the crowd.

Peperomia plants are petite, low maintenance, and pet-friendly. They're a huge family, native to South American rain forests. Yes...they really are related to the pepper that you sprinkle on your food (but no...we don't recommend eating them). 

They prefer bright indirect light, but can tolerate low light conditions quite well. Varieties with strong variegations may lose their markings if they do not receive adequate light - if that happens, just give yours a little more (indirect) light! 

Water Peperomia just when the soil starts to feel dry, and consider providing a pebble tray for additional humidity during winter.