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Botanical Bar Soap

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Gently cleansing with creamy lather and 100% handcrafted in small batches, our artisanal bar soaps are formulated with plant-based oils and butters, clays, essential oils and various milks. This formula is palm-free without synthetic detergents or fragrances. Bar weight is 4 oz, packaged in a sleek box. To extend the longevity of your bar, store on a draining soap dish and keep dry between uses.


Marigold: A gentle, unobtrusive and summery blend of tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot, ho wood and black pepper. Bright, cheery and crisp. Ingredient highlights: Calendula (marigold) and kaolin clay.

Botanica: Herbaceous French lavender and Italian bergamot combine synergistically in this fresh, floral and citrus fragrance. Ingredient highlights: Buttermilk and kaolin clay.

Midnight: Cool and rejuvenating tea tree, eucalyptus, mint and lavender meet a cheeky hint of warm cinnamon leaf. Refreshing, reminiscent of a dark, star-filled night sky in the woodland.