Cactus | Varied Species

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(Aren't they just so darn cute?)

They may look cuddly but we’d recommend not touching them without gloves on. The spikes are glochids that are very small barbed prickles.

Give cacti as much light as possible - with bright light some may even bloom. Plant in a well-draining soil. Water thoroughly and make sure the soil dries out quite bit before watering again. Don’t allow the plant stand in water. Also make sure that it’s drier in the winter when there’s less light. It’s time to repot a cactus when the plant has become root bound; you can tell this has happened when there are roots coming out the drainage hole at the bottom of the container. If you are the caretaker of a particularly prickly cactus and you don’t want to get poked during the repotting process, you might want to use gardening gloves or kitchen tongs. 

While some cacti are not toxic to cats and dogs, any of their spikes will do some real damage. We do not recommend them for pet owners.

We carry an assortment of cacti and are unable to process orders for specific species. When picking up at curbside, we will set out 3-4 varieties for you to choose from.