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Luxury Vegan Soap | handcrafted artisanal soap

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This is the ultimate soap collection: the primary base ingredient is Shea butter, making it silky smooth and ultra-hydrating. This line is carefully crafted in Harrisburg, PA by Susu. She pours deep intention into each small batch: seeking plants that will heal, nourish, and inspire. 

ingredients: oils of olive, coconut, sunflower, Shea, and cocoa + essential oils

NETTLE MINT: uplift + awaken + detox | nettle and peppermint powder w/peppermint essential oil

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: detox, cleanse, hydrate | charcoal powder w/sage and lavender essential oils

ROSE PETAL + ARGAN: lightens dark marks and improves collagen | argan oil, rose hip powder and rosehip

LEMONGRASS + RED CLAY: protect | antibacterial lemongrass powder and red clay for breakout prone skin

EGYPTIAN LAVENDER: anti inflammatory + antioxidant | turmeric, orange, sea salt, and lavender