Herbal Lip Therapy | Zero-Waste Lip Balm | 0.3 oz / 9ml

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This glidy, super-softening organic lip balm is serious therapy for chapped lips. This may be the most nourishing lip balm you ever use! Wonderful as a nighttime lip treatment. Really stays on the lips.

Packed with ingredients that soothe and mend chronically dry, irritated, chapped lips: calming calendula and immortelle essential oil, regenerating rosemary, and humectant castor and extra virgin olive oils.

Scent: a mysterious christmasy floral mint warmed by vanilla
Texture: super smooth and richly emollient

Ingredients: organic castor bean oil, local golden beeswax, organic extra-virgin olive oil infused with local organic calendula petals, organic jojoba oil, vitamin e from non-gmo sources, and organic essential oils.

70+% organic. Always 100% natural.