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Green Lilac | Fragrance | 6ml

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A drift of just opened spring blossoms caught on a cool breeze.

Notes: pink lotus, white lotus, jasmin sambac, violet leaf, basil, mint, white sage, tomato leaf, galbanum, Haitian and Indian vetivers.

New leaves, dewy earth, grass—and caught on the wind, a beguiling burst of spring, faraway blossoms just burgeoning from green bud to full flower. This fresh, slightly austere, green floral perfume is a play on my Vetiverte cologne, with pink and white lotus, jasmine, and violet leaf filling the heart with anticipation and a touch of spring fever. 

This perfume is all-natural, made from essential oils, botanical absolutes, and tinctures in a base of pure organic sugar cane alcohol. No synthetics, period. This close range perfume will keep near to your body and will evolve as you wear it. Because this perfume contains no synthetic fixatives, it will not linger as long as conventional perfumes — reapply every few hours or as often as you like, as an olfactory ritual. This perfume is rich in botanical ingredients. If you have concerns about allergies, consider a patch test or speak to your doctor. As with any product, discontinue use if you experience irritation or sensitivity.