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Fuchsia Tinted Herbal Lip Therapy | Organic Tinted Lip Balm

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A botanically tinted and nourishing lip balm made with local beeswax, organic olive oil, and organic calendula. This rich, silky balm has a scent that is mysteriously woodsy and floral with hints of mint and warmed vanilla. 

The fuchsia colored tint comes from wild alkanet root, Alkanna tinctoria. Alkanet is an herb in the borage family and, like borage, it has a bright blue flower. The roots have long been used to create a red stain or dye. 

In addition to making a gorgeously natural tint for your lips, this balm is packed with ingredients that soothe and mend chronically dry, irritated skin. It comes in a 0.3 oz compostable paperboard tube, so when you’re done caring for your lips there’s no long term impact on the earth. 

Ingredients: organic castor bean oil, local small farm beeswax, organic extra-virgin olive oil infused with organic calendula blossoms, organic jojoba oil, wild alkanet root, vitamin e from non-gmo sources, and organic essential oils.