Ficus elastica | Rubber Plant

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This plant does indeed produce a sticky latex sap that can dry into a low-quality rubber. But you’re more likely to want it in your home for its glistening green leaves.

The rubber plant likes bright to moderate light; it’s not a fan of direct sunlight. Its watering needs change over the course of the year. In the spring and summer, keep it lightly moist and don’t over water. In the fall and winter, water even less, allowing soil to dry out one inch below the surface.

Well cared for, this plant could live fifteen years or more! The smooth, glossy green leaves need a little love now and again. Wipe them down periodically to keep them shiny. If you want to encourage a plant to branch, lightly nicking the bark just above where a low leaf detached itself will mobilize new growth from the latent node. It’s time to repot this plant when it comes root bound.