Dracaena 'Florida Beauty'

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The cutest freckles, and a hearty constitution. Just keep it moist in a bright area of your apartment/house and you'll be best buds for life!

Dracaena wants bright but no direct light to live its best life. The leaves will brown and drop off if the light is too high or low. Keep the soil moist during the regular growing season and cut back in winter. Make sure the pot you pick for it isn’t too big because dracaena likes to be cozy and snug in its pot. This plant likes some humidity, so mist it now and again or set it on a pebble tray with water. A well draining pot and soil is best, and only water when the water is dry down to about the first knuckle. This plants remain relatively small and don’t require frequent repotting. It can thrive for yeas in rather small pots and likes to be a bit pot bound.