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Cyclamen persicum

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Cyclamen’s flowers bloom the strongest in winter, which makes it a lovely houseplant to have when everything outdoors has gone to sleep. New blooms replace the old for two months or more and they’re framed by bold, dark, heart shaped leaves.

They like bright light, including one to two hours of direct sun in winter. Keep this plant moderately moist at all times. It likes something a little special too: when watering, place the pot in a shallow container of tepid water for fifteen to thirty minutes. When watering from the top, avoid getting water in the plant’s crown.

Any good potting soil will suit this plant, and it’s recommended that you repot soon after purchase. Many people discard cyclamens when they begin to fade in the spring, but they can be brought back to bloom again in the winter. Indeed, they can live up to several years. The general rule is that cyclamens should be repotted every two years or so.