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Priya Means Love | All Natural Fragrance | 6ml

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The Priya Means Love tribute to the scent of the Adirondacks. A walk through an evergreen forest, a swim in a lake, a nap on soft pine needles, a campfire nearby.

This unisex botanical fragrance opens with the full scent of clean, cool air sparkling with the presence of a thousand conifers. A walk through the woods leads to a swim in a lake, the water tea-colored from the rich forest, the lake bed soft and a little silty, the sun high, boughs of white pine arching over the water. After, a nap on the forest floor on a deep soft bed of pine needles, smoke from a campfire drifting in and out of awareness. Green, comforting, fortifying.

Selected notes: balsam fir, pines, cedars, sumac, smoky cade, set into a tincture of reindeer moss growing on dry white pine needles that I foraged in the Adirondacks this summer.

A must try for anyone whose heart rushes at the memory of driving down forest roads and rolling down the windows, of campfires under pines, of loon calls and lake swims under blue skies, of Christmas tree farms with family.