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Ochre Herbal Lip Therapy | Organic Zero Waste Lipstick

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What is iron oxide? It's RUST! And it's a mineral pigment with serious staying power on the skin. Iron oxide-containing clays and soils are ancient makeup, ritually adorning the skin as long as there have been humans.

Ochre Lip Therapy is firmer than my regular Herbal Lip Therapy. More intense color needs to be in a firmer balm to keep color from migrating where you don't want it! Though this lippie is firmer than my usual, it features the same deeply healing botanicals that soothe and mend chronically dry, irritated, chapped lips: calming calendula and immortelle essential oil, regenerating rosemary, and humectant castor and extra virgin olive oils.

The color: it's matte, and I find it quite dynamic (as simple natural things often are) -- it's a poppy red with orange undertones, but in other light it looks more rust/ochre. As it wears off -- or if you apply just a little, possibly topping with lip balm -- the color reads coral. I'm a grown up who's somehow never in my life worn makeup, so I'm pretty ignorant of the makeup world! Yet I've been making iron oxide lippies for myself for years. I've shared them with friends and have gotten requests for more, so I decided to make a little batch to sell. As a makeup ignoramus, I can't compare this color to MAC colors or similar, but I hope the swatch photos tell the tale! The third photo shows a swatch of a single swipe of Ochre Lip Therapy on my arm -- it is indeed deeply pigmented. The last photo compares a single swipe of Ochre to a few swipes of my deep tint Herbal Lip Therapy ( )

As an extra treat, I recommend using my Maple Lip Buff used beforehand to create a smooth, contented, plump lip surface:

0.15 oz compostable paperboard tube with handmade label. (This is the approximate size and shape of a standard plastic lip balm tube.) Important packaging note: Push up carefully from the bottom (using a pen or pencil if needed -- the opening is fairly small!), noting that once pushed up, lipstick cannot be pushed back down into the tube. Toss in the compost once it's finished!

Scent: a mysterious christmasy floral mint warmed by vanilla
Texture: firm but smooth, hydrating but goes onto the lips matte

Ingredients: organic castor bean oil, local beeswax, organic extra-virgin olive oil infused with local organic calendula blossoms, organic jojoba oil, wild alkanet root, iron oxide, wild candelilla wax, vitamin e from non-gmo sources, and organic essential oils.

60+% organic. Always 100% natural.