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Succulent | Assorted Varieties

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Most succulents like at least four hours of sun a day and most tolerate dry indoor air well. A south or west facing window is ideal for these friends. Overwatering in winter, when most succulents (and cacti too) are at rest, is the most common reason plants depart this life too soon. So take note! Instead of soaking the roots, maybe try spritzing the plant with water or dribbling small amounts from the tip of a very clean squirt bottle.

Most succulents will start to shrivel when underwatered but can recover quickly when well hydrated. Rehydrate dried-out pots by watering the plant lightly two or three times. Succulents (and again, cacti too) need more water in warm, sunny weather. Fast draining soil is best for a succulent and you might even decide to use potting soil for cacti. But it’s usually ok to use potting soil amended with some sand or perlite.

Consider repotting your succulents when they grow within five inches of the edge of their container, or when they’re so root bound they can make more new growth. And because their needs are so similar to cacti, you can typically plant cacti and succulents together if you so desire!