"What is Locaflora?"

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Being the new kid on the block, I’ve heard this question a lot lately. And to be perfectly honest, it never gets old. I love telling people about Locaflora - who we are and what we do.

In a nutshell, Locaflora is your neighborhood flower shop: committed to reviving the love of local, seasonal flowers in Gettysburg.

We want to connect our friends and family with the profound beauty of flora that’s grown right here in our region. 

Image by Barbara O Photography
Image Courtesy of Barbaro O Photography.

By partnering only with farmers who are within 100 miles of Gettysburg, we are creating a unique opportunity for the community to truly value the person who grew their flowers. After all, the work of a flower farmer is real: Flowers don’t just appear out of thin air, and even if they were flown here, they were also grown and cared for by skilled hands and real people. Wouldn’t you like to reward the person who grew such beautiful flowers? Wouldn’t you like to be sure that their worth is being celebrated and their time compensated (fairly!)? That’s what we’re offering.

Imports account for about 64% of fresh flowers sold by dollar volume in the United States. Although we are certain that the global floral industry has an important role in modern economy, it has done so at extreme environmental cost, deep social injustice, *and* the death of many US flower farms since the 1970’s. Out of a love for both people and planet, we’ve chosen to return to the lost tradition of sourcing flowers locally.

"What's different about local flowers?"


While carefully choosing local, seasonal flowers is not a new idea, it has changed significantly in the last 30 years. Farmers, being innovative and skillful people, have adopted new growing methods and courageously paved the way for us to enjoy uniquely beautiful flower species that you may not expect. In our region, we have a host of growers who are experimenting with soil regeneration, energy efficient greenhouse growing, and hydroponic systems. This brings us specialty cut flowers like early spring tulips, awstriking summer dahlias, and autumn heirloom Japanese mums. There are even a (very select) few working on heirloom roses.

As Locaflora grows and partners with more regional flower farmers, we will continue to expand your access to a collection of specialty cut flowers. Each bouquet and arrangement is a symphony of the season's best, composed with flora that will bring you joy and revive your love for all things local. 

Thank you for joining us. Please enjoy the show.



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